Start point:
 Speak to the Cook in the kitchen of Lumbridge Castle.
Members only: Yes
Official difficulty: Master
Description: The Duke of Lumbridge is having a birthday, but the cook forgot to purchase the ingredients for the cake. The Lumbridge castle cook is in a mess; he needs a lot of ingredients and does not have much time. If he doesn't successfully gain the ingredients in time, the world will end because the Duke will destroy the world.
Length: Short
Requirements: None
Items required:
  • A bucket of milk or a bucket (can be obtained during the quest)
  • An egg (can be obtained during the quest)
  • A pot of flour or an empty pot (can be obtained during the quest)


Starting the questEdit

To begin the quest, talk to the cook in the Lumbridge Castle's kitchen, which is on the ground floor. He tells you that it is Duke Horacio's birthday, and he is supposed to prepare a cake for the celebration, but he has forgotten to bring some of the ingredients required for the cake. Thus, he requires you to bring him a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour.

Obtaining the ingredientsEdit

Note: The quest can be completed fairly fast if the required ingredients were collected prior to starting.

Before heading off to collect the ingredients, it is advised to take the empty pot sitting on the table in the kitchen, to collect the flour with. The bucket for collecting the milk can be obtained right next to the dairy cow, in the cattle pen east of the River Lum and south of the chicken farm, next to the dairy cow from whom the milk is collected.

Bucket of milkEdit

A bucket of milk may be obtained from the Lumbridge cow field. To do this, simply use a bucket on the dairy cow.


To obtain an egg, visit the chicken farm in Lumbridge, east of the River Lum, and pick up a egg inside the farm.

Pot of flourEdit

Lastly, to obtain the pot of flour, you should pick up some wheat from the field west of Fred the Farmer's farm, leave the field, and head north to Mill Lane Mill. Climb to the third floor and use the grain with the hopper and operate the hopper controls, in order to cause the grain to grind. Finally, head down to the ground floor and empty the flour bin by clicking on it.


Take the ingredients back to the Cook in the Lumbridge Castle. Speak to him for the final time, and give him the ingredients. Then you will have completed the quest.


Cook's Assistant reward scroll

  • 1 quest point.
  • 300 cooking experience.
  • Permission to use the cook's range, which gives you 50% more chance of cooking food sucessfully.